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We’re all second-screening. Here’s how you’re doing it wrong.

We’re all second-screening. Here’s how you’re doing it wrong.

We're all second-screening. Here's how you're doing it wrong.

Home Mashable We’re all second-screening. Here’s how you’re doing it wrong.  — watching TV while also looking at your phone, tablet or laptop — is probably the most widely adopted destructive behavior of the decade. We keep hearing that it’s bad for us; we keep doing it regardless. It’s the smoking of the 2010s. Psychologists were sounding the alarm as early as 2012 that this kind of screen-based multitasking seemed to be correlated with depression and anxiety. Did we listen? Did we hell. Back then, according to Nielsen, a mere 40 percent of American adults looked at their phones or tablets every day while parked in front of the tube. By 2017, according to eMarketer, that number had climbed to over 70 percent . Read more…

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We've built My Internet Marketing Hub to help individuals who are looking for courses on how to make money online. We have been in the internet marketing space for five years now and have some good knowledge on who you can trust to give you quality teaching at a very good price. The courses you will see here are selected for that main reason. You will also occasionally see courses in here for those who are happy with higher level priced teaching, our intent is to deliver what people seek. We are affiliates for many of the products within this website. We've included health and lifestyle in this website because we are all human beings and I know how the sedentary task of being an internet marketer can affect one's health. No matter what industry we're in, our health will always play a part in it. As you visit our blog pages, we hope you will trust our careful selection if there is a product that you find will suit you best. Cheers.

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